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We Do?

Our Services

01. Design and implement the theaters, auditoriums, and conference and meeting rooms.

02. Prepare the studies on the latest sound insulation systems, tailored-made for theatres, auditoriums, and cinema halls.

03. provide cutting-edge and powerful audio visual technologies in theaters and ballrooms.

04. Present and apply professional lighting solutions for theatres and conference centres.

05. Supply and provide the auditoriums and theatres with quality seating solutions, as well as offering seating options for VIPs.

06. Prepare the stages with wooden floors, curtains, and specialized lighting systems in line with the latest international know-how.

07. Supply and install the conference and translation systems, and wired & wireless audio technologies.

08. Supply and install rigging systems, with all their accessories.

09. Provide video conferencing systems

10. Design and implement the cinemas floorings and halls, applying the highest international decorative solutions and modern facilities.

11. Design and apply premium worldwide audio systems, distinctively adapted to fulfil the cinema’s functional requirements. Those systems include “Dolby Atmos”, “Dolby 3D Digital”, and “Dolby Digital”.

12. Study and design high-standard movie screens and manufacture different types of projectors such as “4DX”,“3D”, and “HD”.

13. Study and design high-performance acoustic insulation systems for cinemas and theatres.

14. Supply and install the cinema seats that have been imported from reputed world companies to deliver top comfort and durability and to fittingly suit the cinema’s diversity of usages and patterns such as the commercial cinema, “VIP”, “4DX”, and “3D”.

15. Provide the cinema’s halls with lighting solutions including the controllable lightings, wall lightings, evacuation corridors’ lightings, etc.

16. Supply and install the cinema and theatres’ controlling and management systems.

17. Design and professional sound systems in the stadiums and gymnasiums.

18. Supply and install the playgrounds seats, and the movable staging systems in gymnasiums.

19. Supply and install the school furniture.

20. Supply and install waiting seats at the public sites including airports, metro stations, train stations, and hospitals.